I like basketball, but I'm not passionate about it. However, if you are, you can use that passion to start your own website based abound the subject of basket ball.

Many basketball fanatics, visit websites all the time, not realizing the owner of that site is somebody just like them, who loves the sport, and decided to earn a living off of it.

Launching your own basketball website, is how you can pour your passion for basketball into a career that keeps you stimulated and pays the bills.

You don't need a massive website with hundreds of pages. In fact, all you need is a single web page...that's it! This web page will allow you to build your own mailing list of basket ball fanatics who will fill your bank account with money on a regular basis.

I know that sounds hard to believe, but Internet marketers such as myself, do it all the time. We build a one-page web site, based on a niche topic, designed to attract and invite like-minded individuals to join our mailing list.

After a few months of aggressive promotion, we establish a mailing list of thousands of subscribers who we communicate with via email and recommend niche related products to.

In most cases, the products are not even our own. We simply sign up for affiliate programs and earn commissions by recommending other people's products through a unique affiliate link that tracks our sales.

It's a very simple process. Here is a brief overview tailored to the basketball niche.


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